Neil Peters Fotografie

Just another soul lost in the art of seeing. When I was 16 (that was 1971 for those with calculators) my foto mentor, Randy Larson, encouraged everything I did with my pentax spotmatic. But, since he owned a Leica M3, I had to have one also. and for $225, I bought an M3, 50mm summicron, which I still use today. Mr. Larson read the dictionary, for fun! Then he read 3 great authors dayly, so it felt like a 3 course meal. That helped his photography; it took me years to understand this, and it still inspires me today. And thanks Cathy Spann (a photographer/teacher who has done every format and style) for unwavering support and inspiration.Cameras are neatly made tools, when actually photographing, you shouldn’t even realize its there. Honestly, lenses are more exciting!
Besides seeing a print come to life and learning to appreciate what I see, the people fotografie has allowed me to meet is everything. Almost all pictures are scanned b+w prints, some hand-colored, some with multiple negatives in multiple enlargers, almost always it is full negative. I recently added digital cameras and that huge world, so I’m a simpleton in that area and I can barely operate the evil scanner machine. What is my favorite print? The next one ….. we all use that answer. What do I look for? Innocence, composition, eyes, light. In that order. when I sign a print …. M.O’Neil Peters….Tucson, Arizona


Artistic Photography

  • Fashion Art / Fashion Editorial
  • Fashion Designer Catalog/Website Photography
  • Beauty & Glamour
  • Fine Art Nude

People Photography

  • Professional Portraits
  • Company & Group Portraits
  • Event & Party
  • Portfolio Building



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