Studio Rental for Photographers

Hold your next photo shoot in a 1910 exposed brick warehouse photography studio with 16ft ceilings!


Tucson Photography Studio RentalANNOUNCING
New Studio Rental Pricing for Photographers
Winter 2014 / Spring 2015

 These rates are for photographers with less than 6 participants.
Please see our Studio Rental for Event Planners page for larger projects.



Quick! I Need A Studio!


  • Use of Entire Studio
  • Paper Backdrops or Use of Stands*
  • Studio Strobes Available*

Winter/Spring 2 for 1

15 Minute Before & After Allowance

$15 Each Additional 1/2 Hour Overrun

$30 (2 Hours!)

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I Need More More More!


  • Use of Entire Studio
  • Paper Backdrops or Use of Stands*
  • Studio Strobes Available*

6 Hour Block

15 Minute Before & After Allowance 1st Hour

$15 Each Additional 1/2 Hour


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I Want It All!


  • Use of Entire Studio
  • Paper Backdrops or Use of Stands*
  • Studio Strobes Available*

16 Hour Block

8am (ish) – Midnight (ish)

15 Minute Before & After Allowance 1st Hour

$15 Each Additional 1/2 Hour


Purchase Online

I Plan Ahead!


  • Must purchase a block at least 2 weeks in advance of shoot
  • No Refunds… You can use them whenever
  • Minimum 2 hour sessions or remainder of time
  • $15 each additional 1/2 hour for overruns deducted or charged
  • All other regular rental features noted above

$80 per 6 Hour Block

$160 per 16 Hour Block

Please call for this item.



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* The Fine Print

Typical one-shoot length for 1 color of backdrop. $2 each additional new linear foot on floor. If you crinkle up the paper, you buy the length considered unusable ($2/foot). You can bring your own paper and use the two in-studio stands (request availability). Please contact us for use of our in-house strobes and triggers.


General Rules Of The Studio


Scheduling We understand the complexity of shoots and coordinating models, MAUs, hair, and the like. Should you need to shift the shoot time frame and the studio space is available, no problem. Otherwise, we will need to work out a new shooting time for you and your crew.

Payment Paying 50% deposit in advance will lock in your time – or you can risk it with payment in full at the time of the shoot. If during a shoot you run over your allotted time by more than 15 minutes, you will be charged accordingly.

Cancellations If you cancel within 24 hours of scheduled shoot and you paid a deposit in advance, we will work with you on rescheduling.  There are NO REFUNDS – pick your times, your models, and the rest of your talent carefully. Anyone who has to cancel and has paid in advance a deposit, we will work with you to get priority placement in the studio calendar.

Music and Loud Noises In most cases, music and effects like models jumping are fine – it’s a large warehouse. There is consideration for noise levels with the other residents of the studio. If you feel you need to be “loud”, please be sure to inquire if the the time you are requesting is sound sensitive.

Set and Scene Construction You are welcome to build sets and scenes for your shoots. Construction and or setup time is scheduled time in the studio so plan your time accordingly. We are located in a warehouse arts district – if you need painters, artists, or anyone to construct something cool for your shoot, ask us to ask around! We’ll be glad to help.

Nudity Glamour, fine art nudes and the like are acceptable. Pornographic shooting is not allowed. You can be as suggestive and fun as you like, but if you cross the line with overtly sexual acts, we will kick you out and keep all monies paid regarless of scheduled time remaining. If you are shooting semi-nude or full body nudes, we require a copy of your model release stating such and it will need to be signed in person, in front of an authorized representative of LoveSmack Studios by your talent before you proceed.

Water/Liquid Shoots Until we baffle the edges of the main shooting area, water shots need to be held to a minimum (e.g. water balloons, squirt guns). Call us with your concept and we’ll let you know if we can accommodate your ideas.

Damages to Studio/Equipment In general, you break it you buy it (or pay for repairs). In the case of the main shooting area’s white floor, you mark it up too much, you paint it. We have paint on hand for normal wear and tear. We mess it up too – just be polite with the flooring and the rest of the studio and everything is cool between us. If you have a bunch of trash or crumpled up backdrop paper, please be responsible enough to take the trash out to the dumpster on the East end of the block.

Releases Safety – We keep the studio clean, comfortable and as safe as we can considering you’ll be shooting in old warehouse. You, your assistants, talent and friends or family visiting during your shoot will be required to sign a release indemnifying LoveSmack Studios’ owners, employees, interns, the property manager and property landlord/owner for anyone getting hurt in the studio. Property – We will gladly sign a property release as far as it extends as rentors of the space. If you need more than that, we can contact the owner of the building. The studio is insured for normal use. Step into the old elevator and all deals are off – it’s on you.

What’s Not Written Here Just because it’s not written here doesn’t mean you can do it. Call us with your questions – we’re very reasonable and promote creativity.

— Last updated August 2013 —