Betting on the Match Outcome: Secrets of Success

Despite the diversity of bets, a significant part of them is committed to outcomes. For players, such bets are the most simple and clear, while bookmakers bring the main income. For team sports, in most cases, 3 outcomes are proposed. The game can end with the victory of one of the participants, or a draw. It should be noted that, for example, for a basketball or a football game the probability of a draw is minimal. If we are talking about individual disciplines, then there can be no neutral result (for example, tennis).

For bets on outcomes, coefficients are applied, the value of which rarely exceeds 10.00. In most cases, they are within 1.10-5.00, although, of course, there are exceptions.

How to Bet on the Outcome?

Low odds for outcomes are explained by the fact that it is much easier to predict the winner of a match than, for example, to guess the exact score. Bets with are likely to be wining. So, bookmakers use low odds. For matches involving a strong team or a strong athlete, bookmakers put up small odds. For example, the outcome with the victory of Barcelona over one of the outsiders may be accompanied by the coefficient 1.2. It may seem that even such rates online are profitable, but it is not.

The trick is that the bookmaker always artificially overstates the chances of a favorite, which is reflected in a special reduction in odds. Accordingly, if you constantly bet on sports favorites, the final result will not be very good. Statistics warns that strong teams win only in 70% of matches. The remaining one third of games comes from outsider wins and a draw.

The conclusion from this is very simple: you need to bet on weaker participants. Playing on an outsider can generate revenue, because thanks to the increased odds, the better gets a good win. It’s impossible to bet on everyone. The bookmakers very accurately assess the chances of the participants, so in any case, each outcome must be analyzed.

Secret Betting on the Outcome

It was calculated that coefficients up to 1.80 are unprofitable for a better, because they are not able to compensate for possible losses. There are no similar statistics for outsiders, but it is clear that bets on them turn out to be not so profitable.

Normal outcomes can be combined into more complex express trains, increasing the resultant coefficient many times over. However, with an increase in the total coefficient, the chances of winning are automatically reduced. The more outcomes are included in such a “locomotive”, the lower the probability that it will be successful. Learn more about accurate football prediction here.